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Photographers need insurance too. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you land the best insurance as a photographer.

3 Types of Insurance Every Photographer Needs – You Should Get Photography Insurance!

A few of the risks that are involved with a photography business may be huge – particularly in terms of the equipment you’re using. A photographer must have insurance to protect his/her assets, and you should have Commercial Auto Insurance. General liability insurance is necessary in the instance they’re sued over an injury, or some type of property damage. Property insurance is necessary for the extremely valuable equipment that’s used.

That brings us to the 3 most critical reasons photographers need to have the proper insurance for their business:

  • Medical Costs
  • Equipment Damage and Loss
  • Lawsuits

For all those reasons, learn more about insurance for photographers is critical. Here are 3 types of insurance every photographer needs: 

Errors and Omissions – Professional Liability

Errors and Omissions or indemnity insurance, also referred to as Professional Liability insurance, safeguards your business if you are sued because a client is unsatisfied. Also, it safeguards your company in case a client makes a claim that you did not deliver agreed-upon services. That applies whether an error is perceived or real.

This photography insurance coverage might benefit your company if you consistently offer services or provide clients advice. Dallas fashion photographer Dixie Dixon shares that it’s not uncommon for clients or vendors to ask for proof of your business liability insurance before officially moving forward with the shoot to ensure you’re fully covered.

Photography Insurance Covers Electronic Data Loss Insurance

Within our modern era, your electronic data is important for the success of your company. Electric Data Loss protection assists in protecting your company in the instance your critical business details are lost. It covers lost or damaged electronic data and information, computer operation interruptions, and E-commerce coverage.

It isn’t possible to know when your critical information might be lost because computers and associated devices may be unpredictable. Also, there are unfortunate events like floods or fires that may lead to data loss and electrical damage. It’s the reason why photography insurance protection is needed for any business owner.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you have a small business and constantly use cars in your work, you should have Commercial Auto Insurance. This kind of photography insurance safeguards your business from daily driving-oriented risks. Even if you are among the many photographers relying on your personal automobile for work, your insurance coverage only will apply to your drive from and to work.

A lot of business owners assume that this type of insurance coverage is not needed and that only folks who have company vans require it. However, if you have staff members driving to care for business matters with their own vehicles, on company time, commercial auto insurance is needed. If any of the members on your team are driving other materials or workers to a job site, a commercial photography insurance policy is needed.

Not just will insurance protect you, it also can safeguard your clients and assist you in paying for unpredictable legal costs or lawyer fees. Items get damaged or lost all the time and working with others can be unpredictable. You have worked diligently to build your company; therefore, do not allow those unpredictable events to place you at financial risk.

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